Tuesday April 7th 2020: Trump the LIAR? The media’s constant MISINFORMATION

If you took their word for it in the mainstream media, then Donald Trump is a LIAR who is responsible for every bad thing that happens to anybody anywhere at any time since he declared his intention to run for President in 2015.

So let’s examine this whole Coronavirus issue from start to present day, and assess who is LYING and who is keeping a level head in the face of unprecedented crisis:

1- The media reports that Obama warned President Trump of a pandemic back in January of 2017. There has been no evidence whatsoever to support this claim. AND the claim came without anybody in the MSM recalling that on Obama’s watch, Swine Flu in America infected millions and killed thousands.

2- The ridiculous reportage on hydroxychloroquine: After a doctor in New York treated hundreds of Coronavirus patients with the combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Erythromycin, with impressive results and nearly a 100.0% success rate, President spoke of the combination as a “possible game-changer” for patients suffering from Covid-19. Nothing the President stated was false or misleading. Since then, the FDA has approved the combination for use in symptomatic patients. hydroxychloroquine is a treatment for Malaria and sufferers of Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The drug combination has proven successful when used as directed by a doctor for Coronavirus patients.

3- In the early days of the Chinese outbreak, President Trump restricted travel from China to the United States. It has been reported that Trump moved too slowly in making this move by the media. But what were they saying the day he announced the travel restrictions? Reporters and Democrat leaders all accused the President of acting in a xenophobic manner, and was endorsing racism by restricting travel. In truth, Trump was among the first to make this move, and was roundly criticized around the world for his “over-reaction”. He defied most of his close advisers by imposing the restrictions. And he was right to do so.

4- Daily Coronavirus briefings are Trump’s new campaign rallies(so says CNN and other leftist media outlets). The bottom line here is that if Trump conducts these daily briefings, the left tries to tell everybody he is a liar. And if Trump suddenly stopped daily briefings, the same outrageously biased media would claim he had gone into hiding. Either way, they will bash every word he says and every move he endorses. Yet, President Trump perseveres, and is the steady voice assuring people that America will get through this crisis. NOTHING could be MORE presidential than what he is doing in this battle.

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