Tuesday August 10th 2021: Hasta la vista Andrew Cuomo! NY Gov steps down in shame, proving he’s no Clinton!!

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JJ McCartney Commentary

Removing any doubt that he is NOT on par with Bill Clinton in the “shameless affront to women” category of Democrat politician, Andrew Cuomo resigned the governorship of New York, while pathetically claiming his innocence.

This is a historic moment in American politics. Usually Democrats do not eat their own. They will close ranks and defend the most shameful of behavior. But This is the post-#metoo world we are living in.

When 11 or 12 women, former staffers, all tell the same stories of verbal and physical harassment, it becomes clear this is a serial offender who has all but dared these women to defy his power and make their claims in a threatened scorched-earth assault on THEIR characters.

But instead Andrew Cuomo believed far too much in his own charisma and grotesquely miscalculated how much he was “loved” by the people of New York and the rest of the political world. Delusion is a funny thing. We’ve seen others overestimate their own political clout, but never on the scale of Andrew Cuomo and his machinery.

Now he is just a footnote in American politics. A cautionary tale for anybody who aspires to ever seek to rise in politics. You must respect people and you must throttle your own pheromones and your own Romeo complex.

Andrew Cuomo is leaving in utter disgrace, and with very few people that he can call his “friends”.

Cuomo will go down in history as one of the most thoroughly deluded and dangerous governors in American history.