Tuesday, August 14th 2018- Trump approval tops 50%- Out-of-touch Left still doesn’t get it. Plus Breaking news: Taliban launches surprise offensive against US and Afhghani forces, seizes ground lost in the 17-year war.

It’s a busy day as we digest the latest news, incuding the Taliban suprise offensive which caught US and Afghani forces off-guard. All the latest details coming up at 3:05pm ET.

Plus President Trump’s approval rating now stands a shade over 50% in the latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll. With approval numbers higher than Barack Obama’s, and with the economy driving the good news, these numbers beg the question: Why are the ‘experts’ in the fake-news still trying to convince us that we’re facing a “Blue-wave” in November?

There are ongoing worries in coastal Florida as a Red Tide has left beaches smelling terrible, and millions of fish and sea mammals dead.


They did WHAT? They hired WHO???

ESPN put Keith Olbermann in the broadcast booth for Monday night’s nationally televised Subway Series game between the Yankees and Mets and the anti-Trump personality wasn’t exactly appreciated by baseball fans on social media.

This next item is more of a reminder than a news story: CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a leftist moron, and defended Antifa in his monolog last night.

And this next item is also just a reminder: ESPN is so dumb, they have hired Keith Olbermann for a SIXTH time, and they assigned HIM to call the Yankees and Mets game! The feedback has been remarkably negative! So who is the bigger idiot? Keith Olbermann for being the tantrum-throwing foul-mouthed moron? Or ESPN for being so stupid they hired the guy back for a 6th time?

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