Tuesday August 29th 2017 Dr. Mark Davis & Pastor Carl Gallups tag-team JJ

JJ McCartney is thrilled to have a superb show lined upo for Tuesday, with guests Dr. Mark Davis and Pastor Carl Gallups!




We’ll be talking Texas floods, and the many health hazards they present, plus the latest missile launch from North Korea has the Trump administration contemplating what kind of response to employ to deter further acts of defiance from Pyongyang.


And with all the urgent matters in the nation and the world, why is it that the leftists continue to ratchet up their hatred and violence? The latest? A Dartmouth professor, Mark Bray)calls Antifa violence a “vital form of collective self-defense”. We’ll tell you all the details.

Meanwhile President Trump is threatening a possible government shutdown if the Wall isn’t funded by congress.

Plus Mitch McConnell has won the distinction of being the nation’s most unpopular politician. No doubt this was a close race with Paul Ryan and John McCain.

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