Tuesday- August 9th 2022 Ride the Red Wave with JJ and Jenn

America, you are being tested. You are being pushed toward a ledge, overlooking a steep cliff beyond which there is no soft landing. as I stated before, you are being tested. the oppressors are testing our limits. they are waiting to see just how far they can push us before we push back. And they are preparing to challenge our Constitutional rights, as they fully intend to attempt to negate our rights, preempting our rights in the name of yet another false flag. They have unleashed another national health “emergency” which they believe gives them emergency powers which are mentioned nowhere in the Constitution.

Meanwhile the mentally ill fake resident in Thief Joe-Mo is being as robotic as ever while his handlers attempt to get their robot to give the illusion of someone who is almost in possession of some of his faculties.

As that illusion/delusion continues, the left has now decided to abuse every authority authorizing the thugs at the FBI to raid the home of the last legitimately elected President Donald Trump as they attempt to invent evidence of some imagined crime, all in an attempt to taint Trump as ineligible to run for another term as President.

That same FBI that IGNORED the Hunter Biden Laptop, that ignored the obvious theft of the 2020 election, that has acted as the personal gestapo used as organized crime enforcers for the likes of Jerold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and a host of Democrat crime bosses

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