Tuesday December 11th 2018- A day of reckoning fast approaches – TRUTH shall be told

Are YOU as tired of the LIES of the corporate Media and the Globalists as we are??

Are YOU as sick and tired of the manner with which the crimes of the Clintons and Obamas go unaddressed while the establishment tries to force Trump out for literally no reason except their own hatred and moral bankruptcy?

Join us as we name names, and we expose the corruption that has so clearly infected politics and the media to such a degree that the American people are now being treated just the way Hitler and Goebbels treated the German people prior to the Reichstag fire.

Truth was never meant to be twisted, distorted and then parsed out to the people like a sausage factory meting out scraps scraped from a filthy floor tossed to the most desperate starving dogs.

Globalism is Satanism. Globalism is Anti-Christ. And it is growing more pervasive in the culture every day.

We will march faithfully and will tell truth, God’s divine truth, as long as God gives us breath.

And what you hear today will be blunt-force absolute truth.

Join us LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET here at www.jjmccartney.com, and at Red State Talk Radio. Also live streaming video at YouTube and Facebook LIVE.