Tuesday December 12th 2017: Dr. Mark Davis, California fires, and destroying FAKE news made EASY!

The FAKE NEWS exposed! Political ties to Communists, Democrats and Globalists, Soros and Obama.

People, the enemies of America are using the fake news media(formerly known as the “main-stream media”) are no longer just a daily nuisance. They are now the official mouthpiece for the collective enemies of America. There can be no more deluding ourselves about why these people are repeating the same scripts, the same stories, and the same political bias. There is no way these networks could survive financially, were it not for the subsidization of these fakers by George Soros, and the globalists around the wprld, whop are tryiong every day to steal the most prized gem in the world: The United States.

What Adolf Hitler, Hiro Hito, Nikita Kruschev, and the Axis of Evil could not do on the battlefields of war, the news media of today is trying to do in league with the prince of lies, with the one-world government communists, and the rogue states of Iran, North Korea and the entire Muslim world.

And the startling fact that has been so carefully hidden from the American people is this: among the co-conspirators trying to destroy the United States as a sovereign constitutional republic, the two major political parties are also now in the pocket of Soros, the United Nations, and their private armies of mercenaries and heartless, soulless technology aimed at destroying the concepts of personal property, free capitalist marketplaces, and the coercion of the masses through the fake lure of free stuff and the promises of more free stuff.

I want to encourage people to make a conscious decision to cut the cable, dish the dish, and stop paying hundreds(or thousands) of dollars to people who are using the portal of TV to brainwash you and your children. Cut off the source. Bite the bullet. Make a stand. And discover the many ways your life will improve when you withdraw the invitation to have sleazy people pay a visit to your living room or bedroom every night, lulling you into living in an altered state of semi-consciousness.

If you want your kids to have a better life, an abundant life, please tjurn off the TV and open your bibles. Pray for your kids. Pray with your kids. And walk in obedience to God’s law. There is nothing more powerful than obedient footsoldiers for God.

Join us for an exceptional show Tuesday with Dr. Mark Davis, the author of “Obamacare: Dead on Arrival” and “Demons of Democracy”. We will talk about the constant assault on our senses by the persistent forces of evil assembled outside the castle gate. They seek to steal everything, and then dispose of the people.

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