Tuesday December 22nd 2020: An URGENT call for help!

I truly do not know how to feel at this moment. I trust God. But people are so hard to read, understand or reach that it feels like we are being tested like never before.

I have given everything I have to give for the cause. I don’t know what more I can do or say to start the fire that gets people moved to respond. I have prayed, I have worked beyond my physical abilities trying to throw out a lifeline to the people drowning in their sin.

I have seen a stiff-necked generation being led like lemmings off a cliff. People wearing masks, lining up for shots, and being conditioned to be obedient little citizens, taught to question nothing.

TODAY America needs critical thinkers to recognize what kind of trap is being sprung on the people by the conniving authoritarians and their evil taskmasters.I have vowed to stop these people, but I cannot do this by myself.

Today we need immediate help. Without it, we are simply going to go bankrupt.

I need help before we reach the ultimate tipping-point and sink all-together. Please visit www.jjmccartney.com and click the donate button and help us keep going.