Tuesday: Dr. Mark Davis, Alaska Tsunami scare, and Public Enemy #1? REVEAL at 4:05pm ET

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET today as JJ’s guest in hour 1 is Dr. Mark Davis! We’ll talk about the latest news, and how evil has sadly taken root in generations of brainwashed sub-human zombies with nothing but contempt for true humanity, morality and God.

We’ll talk about the most common, and most commonly un-diagnosed mental illness in the United States, and why it is celebrated by the lunatic left.

SHAKEN, Not Stirred

We’ll have all the details on the late-night earthquake/tsunami scare in the Gulf of Alaska, and why thousands of people on the coastlines of Alaska, British Columbia and thg Pacific Northwest had sleepless nights.

And details about the FBI’s “Secret Society” and their illegal efforts to aid in stealing the election.

Plus we’ll take your phone calls!

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