Tuesday: Dr. Mark Davis, plus News and Comment

After MLK day, lots of news and commenbts to sharte, along with Dr. Mark Davis LIVE!

Unless you live in Hawaii, The weekend was probably relatively uneventful.

But for a million residents whop received the ominous warning of incoming missile attack, with the  words “this is not a drill”, you likely had a few moments or more of panic, fear, and the terrible feelinbg that you are completely unprepared for such an event.

If for no other reason than that, perhaps it was a good thing that the String of Pearls had such a rude wake-up call.

This is why everybody needs to listen to today’s show…BOTH hours as we talk with Dr. Mark Davis, and in hour 2 we’ll be covering the basics of preparedness for every American household.

Sue from Mountain View Off-grid Living will join us in hour 2 to talk about the basics of preparedness.

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