Tuesday February 12th 2019 News and Comment with JJ McCartney and DeAnna LIVE 3-5pm ET

The champion of the American Way of Life:

President Donald J. Trump

You have no doubt seen the Obama/Soros-funded organized hatred for Donald J. Trump and his supporters.

But think of what this means: It means that for more than two years these people have been spending themselves trying to undermine the President, and in that time, his approval rating today is 52%.

That’s among likely voters. While 47% of the group disapproves of the job the President is doing, the support among those with functioning brains and morals remains rock-solid.

They have spent their wad trying to destroy American capitalism and the combination of smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation has resulted in more Americans standing by the President.

Let’s keep up the good work by continuing to rally for the President, and turning off the mainstream media.

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