Tuesday February 5th 2019 Guest Dr. Mark Davis and news commentary LIVE 3-5pm

Join us LIVE today with Dr. Mark Davis as we talk about the latest RIDICULOUS witch hunt as the Democrat wannabees in the Southern district of New York are now investigating President Trump’s inauguration.

So we all agree Hillary was engaged in repeated pay-to-play through the corrupt Clinton Foundation, sold out our Uranium to the RUSSIANS for a BUTTLOAD of cash, and then there is the Obama administration’s outrageously profitable presidency, but these people are snooping into Trump’s inauguration?

These people are more corrupt than anything, and they want to police the President?


But if you say anything bad about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Kamala Harris, you are a sexist racist monster.

Anybody feel like pendulum is about to take a major swing on the OTHER direction?

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