Tuesday July 10th 2018 The HEAT is ON!! Dr. Mark Davis LIVE + News and Comment

The HEAT is ON? Guest Dr. Mark Davis, plus news and commenta and some excellent thoughts on the hot summer we are in the midst of!

Tuesdays. One of those days of the week that many people dread almost as much as they do Mondays. Work to be done. Fires to put out. People to deal with. And just another ordinary day.

Take heart, friends. We’ve got Dr. Mark Davis LIVE in hour 1, plus we have plenty of actual real news to share. And when it comes to the chicken-littles out there who swear the earth is flat and that we’re about to be attacked by planet Nibiru and a band of space aliens that look an awful lot like Richard Simmons.

Fear not. The actual news is plenty fascinating enough without getting caught up in mass-delusion.

SO are you ready for whatever comes next? Are you prepared for the next phase in this insanity known as the Trump Derangement brigade? These people are possessed by hatred. It has rendered them completely stupid. It has hijackjed their brains, which they had precious little of to begin with.

Now is the season when those of us who actually love our nation, and support the President as he tries to restore America to it’s former greatness, and as he seeks to protect the sovereignty of our nation, in the face of globalist interference in our democratoic republic.

We’ll touch base with Dr. Mark Davis, as we discuss the Opiode crisis in America and the world, and we’ll ask the questions everybody should be asking: How did this happen, whose fault is it and what can and should be done about it?

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