Tuesday July 21st 2020: The GOOD news vs. the BAD PEOPLE

JJ McCartney is LIVE today from 3 to 5pm ET with news, commentary and entertaining conversation!

We’ll talk about the disgusting pandering of “woke” white people who are so obsessed with virtue signaling that they have adopted the most demeaning posture possible.

And the global;ist media is lying egregiously about Covid. And it is the biggest lie yet!!

And chaos in China as floods contionue, and the CCP is guilty of killing untold numbers by opening all the floodgates on the Three Gorges Dam without warning communities downstream.

Plus a city of 3.5 Million on lockdown in “War-time mode” as Coronavirus has spread there.

Meanwhile, the radical globalist media is running the biggest psy-op in history, trying to promote the LIE that Biden is ahead, or is a shoo-in to win in November, when proof is everywhere that just the opposite is true.

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