Tuesday July 24th 2018 Dr. Mark Davis + News and Comment LIVE

OLD School radio.

The year was 1978. And JJ McCartyney was about to walk into a career path that would become his obsession.

At the age of 15, the future was going to bounce JJ like a pinball during the great Alaska earthquake of 1964.

Station to station, town to town, state to state. The radio broadcast industry was morphing at warp-speed into something that eventually would become unrecognizable to people who pioneered the radio airwaves of the mid-20th centuryt and beyond.

By the age of 22, JJ had worked his way through 13 radio stations and one TV station.

Everywhere he went, he was absorbing information, taking mental notes, learningt valuable skills, and working hard to become the most complete and useful broadcaster on the planet.

In 1984, JJ hit the hardest of times. From having his dream job, to losing it, coping with a very large life mistake. Wandering the Alaskan wilderness looking for work. Seeing his father for the last time.

Losing his dad at 22 was crushing in a sense, but rather than wallow in grief, he used it as motivation. His father was no longer in pain. He was in a better place. ANd JJ set out to make him proud.

More to come. But we’re going to talk about the old radio days, and how even in the digital micromanaged age of cookie-cutter radio, the spark of genius still finds its way.

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