Tuesday July 6th 2021: Covid-Schmovid!!! America needs to get back to work NOW!!

As we keep hearing the ridiculous media narratives about variants and masks and fear about lifting restrictions, the vital work of the United States needs to be our priority. To hell with the Phony poser and his puppet-masters trying to impose limits and trying to use irrational fear to keep people away from LIFE as we know it.

The American people have been through enough! People need to confidently defy the snowflakes and get back to work, if for no other reason than jump-starting an economic revival based on a CAN-DO attitude, FAITH in God, and an understanding that the government has no authority to seize up our livelihoods while restricting our constitutional freedoms.

The dog and pony show that was the Scamdemic/Plannedemic is OVER., And the people who know the truth are now justifiably angry about the thievery of an election. We’re also justifiably angry about the mockery that left has made of the rule of law, the Constitution, and the manner with which they have tried to undermine freedom in America today.

The only solution to all of this is for serious people to get back to business,. Serious people need to start producing again, and those same serious people need to marshall all their resources to act against the illegitimate puppets in the White House.

The priority now needs to be survival, moral uprightness and a moral code based on biblical, Godly principles

Do you have what it takes to put your shoulder to the wheel and fight for a FREE America where the power belongs to the PEOPLE, not a few hand-selected judges in the District of Corruption? Do you have what it takes to speak out against the murderers in Congress and the Senate that promote murdering babies in the womb, and who promote ungodly lifestyles as somehow being comparable to God’s design?

If America is to survive this decade, it will be because we, the people, fought back and bluntkly, kicked a lot of ass between now and then!

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