Tuesday June 15th 2021: As the HEAT goes on, The news is good on the medical front, and returning to the Big Hair 80’s

Ahhh…the good old days when people used to say “I’ve got good news and I’ve got BAD news, which do you want FIRST?”

Well, the BAD news is that much of America is under the grips of ridiculously HOT weather. Here in ouir corner of Nebraska, it’s been grazing the triple-digit heat for a few days nowl And tomorrow they predict temps between 103 and 105 here! I suppose that would be the BAD news!

Is it HOT in hear or have the Chinese covered up a Nuclear Power plant disaster?

But the GOOD news is that I have had three doctors appointments the past couple weeks, and according to them, things are looking GREAT!

Much of this news doesn’t surprise me because I am minding my p’s and q’s with regard to my diet, diabetes and I have been a bit more active trying to stay ahead of the grass and the weather.

That is not to say that I feel like a million bucks, by any stretch. The heat saps my energy worse than anything else. But my doctor was quite pleased with my overall numbers, from my stem to my stern, things seem headed in the right direction. I will take it!!!

Meanwhile, the national embarrassment of a fake phony poser named Biden is horrifying the world. Even the lowliest of countyries is looking at the poser Joe-Mo and saying “Daaaaaaaaaaaa-yum!!”

How long will this charade be allowed to play out before the people awaken to this travesty?


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