Tuesday June 29th 2021: This is only a test? Hardly! Gear up for the coming battle! PLUS WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

So…the world really is out to get us?

Don’t be too quick to dismiss the notion that America is in the cross-hairs of the rest of the world. Now why would that be the case? Because America is the one nation in world history that has led humanity on a war of conscience against tyranny, oppression, genocide, brutality and totalitarianism.

So instead of THANKING America for all she has done to protect, preserve and defend peace, stability and humanity the rest of the world has grown resentful of our moral compass. They have grown impatient with our obsession with human rights, our affinity for inventing, building, and exploring every corner of God’s creation.

The rest of the world is jealous of our accomplishments, resentful of our culture and our wealth, and the promise that anybody can make their best future here.

And so, they seek to tear down our nation, our way of life, and our moral compass. And it begins by trying to destroy our history. Why do you think BLM and ANtifa are so bent on tearing down statues? Why do you think they have set their sites on our founding and decided to call it something it NEVER was?

America was not constructed on racism. That very notion is absurd. America was not built on misogyny. Ask Susan B. Anthony, Betsy Ross or Martha Washington. America was not built as a haven for slave-owners and sadistic tyrants. America was constructed to be a place where people TIRED of tyranny could come to live freely.

Let’s set the record straight: Communists, globalists and morons want communism to take root in America because that is the fastest way to destroy what made America the great nation, that shining city on a hill, that beacon of hope in an otherwise fairly hopeless world.

And America was founded on GODLY principles, including biblical tenets in it’s foundation.

And whatever flaws there are in America, and heaven knows we have some, the principles have not ceased to be valid just because a communist named Obama tried to destroy from within.

The top priority for Christian Patriots should be to un-do everything Obama and his puppet-boy Biden have tried to do to erode America’s intrinsic value as a global power.

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