Tuesday March 10th 2020: JJ and friends defy the globalists with TRUTH!

How to spot the FAKE NEWS in PLAIN SIGHT:  USE you EYES and your BRAIN!

“Fake it till you make it, baby.” That is the real mantra of the “mainstream media”

Globalist owned, operated, scripted and controlled. And if you watch it anyway, you are simply importing their raw sewage into your home and your brain and the brains of whomever has the misfortune of living in the same house as you.

TRUTH about the Coronavirus paints a vastly overblown story designed to trigger panic, fear and a ridiculously large amount of ginned up helplessness on the part of snowflakes who will believe whatever you shovel in front of them, if you first claim it is “news”.

The real news is that the globalists and Democrats have conspired to undermine the economy, believing it is their only chance to beat Donald Trump in November. Understand that complicit in this conspiracy are the same players that started the Russia/Trump/Collusion HOAX. And the chief of the conspiracy is none other than Barack Obama and his lapdogs in the media.

EXPOSE the Obama conspiracy by telling everybody how the Coronavirus wound up in the hand of the Chi-Coms. Obama SOLD the virus to the Chinese! ANd on his cue, they released it!!

And then they fanned the flames of panic and pandemic in the media, and see now what they have wrought.

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