Tuesday March 17th 2020: St. Patrick’s Day- Coronavirus fears: Deceptors latest coup-attempt

Behold the Deceivers: Coronavirus is just their latest coup attempt!

The globalists are banking on the tendency of President Trump and the political system to ac t out of a sense of fearing inaction. Thus far, their web of deception has had exactly that effect on the spooked politicians in D.C..

For truth to win the day, we must expose the hoax for exactly what it is: a massive misinformation campaign with ridiculous numbers of people being thrown into financial hardship for only one reason: to overthrow our civil society and replace it with the dog-eat-dog world the globalists desire.

By the sound of it, they would have you believe that millions have died from Coronavirus. In truth, millions have not even been infected. thousands of deaths in China, where all this started have been relatively contained. But in the U.S., estimates are only 4,000 infected, and less than 100 dead.

But because of the globalist media’s artificial panic, businesses have been shuttered, gatherings of all types cancelled, entire sectors of our economy have been decimated overnight. What do you think will happen once people who were barely scraping by discover they have no money, no jobs, and no food in their pantry?

This manufactured crisis has gotten so blown out of proportion that people are even now in full panic across the nation. The media are as culpable as anybody in this deception.

Today JJ McCartney will peel back the layers of this deception, and explain why the President has been going along with the paint-by-numbers manipulation of the globalists in this conspiracy, and much more.

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