Tuesday March 22nd 2022: Amateur hour at the Oval Office- The nightmare continues. Biden invokes “New World Order”, while his clueless Veep bones up on geography and advanced condescension.

As we survey the putrid world of globalist media, it is quite clear that the “elitist snobbery” is out to silence voices of dissent wherever they may exist. They dare to classify independent media outlets as somehow being purveyors of disinformation, all the while dealing in blatant lies, misinformation and a reliance on Soros-funded entities that engage in undermining, technically they launch massive attacks on websites, servers, and infrastructure that can be used to correct the record of the failed media.

If you think this is an exaggeration, consider how not even Apple can fend off the people trying to silence truth.

Tuesday on The JJ McCartney Show:

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Chinese airliner crashes, killing 132

Idiotic Biden thinks he calls the shots?

China to Biden: Don’t tell us what to do!

Kamala the parrot gets stuck on one phrase.



US Unexpectedly Sanctions China Officials Hours After Demanding Beijing Condemn Russia

Tyler Durden's PhotoBY TYLER DURDENTUESDAY, MAR 22, 2022 – 02:44 AM

Apparently not content with diplomatic war on one front with Russia, the Biden administration appears ready to escalate with China following on the heels of last week’s persistent accusations that Beijing was mulling cooperation with Moscow on weapons resupplies for its Ukraine operation, as well as assistance on Western sanctions evasion.

Monday afternoon Secretary of State Antony Blinken¬†announced more visa restrictions on Chinese officials related to prior charges that state authorities are overseeing the ethnic cleansing of Uighurs. It’s certainly interesting timing in terms of pulling out the the human rights card, given that throughout last week the admin’s China criticisms seemed exclusively focused on its “fence-sitting” over Ukraine.