Tuesday March 24th 2020: Petty politics in DC? What else would you expect from Dems?

In the Swamp, the Swamp rats always put petty politics above reason, even during a global pandemic. Why would anybody expect any more from Schumer, Pelosi and the rest stricken by TDS?

As Americans deal with the undeclared state of martial law in effect for much of the country, and deal with the realities of life interrupted by the media-generated PANIC, the national emergency is simply another manifestation of the globalists’ boot on the throat of the economy, as they steam ahead trying to destroy the psyche of the American people.

But for we, the Christian patriots of America, we know that our lives have never been reliant on the checkbook of the government. Our provision has always come from God. And we must never allow ourselves to be sucked into the misery vortex the globalist media is trying to create, where people lose hope and then cry out for whatever chit the government bestows upon them.

We see fields white with harvest./ Now is the time for people to cry out to God for mercy, as they repent of their sin and instead embrace godliness and righteousness.

Do not fear the globalists. defy them instead by placing your faith in God, from whom all good things flow.

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