Tuesday March 26th 2019 Flashback: 2017 Also, please pray for Dr. Mark Davis

A flashback today as we revisit the events of two years ago, and observe the unchanging fake news narratives, their criminal obstruction of free speech, and their bullying tactics.

Now, as we are in the wake of the Mueller report, the exposed media and celebrity nit-wits are demonically consumed by a hatred not only of President Donald Trump, but a raw hatred for the people who elected him, and everyuthing we hold dear.

There is no excuses for the lies, the leaks, and all-too-eager-to-indulge themselves in the false narrative like great whore of Babylon.

Man, I can tell this is going to be a GREAT day! Join the fun from 3 to 5pm ET at JJMcCartney.com and Red State Talk Radio!