Tuesday March 31st 2020: March exits stage RIGHT as FDA approves Hydroxychloroquine for Covid19

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FREDO has COVID19? Yes, he does. The news will likely report it as “Trump infects Chris Cuomo of CNN with deadly virus”. If that were true, then the world would Owe Trump it’s eternal thanks. But come one, the guy works with Don Lemon, so where do you REALLY think he got it? Likely by sharing Don’s bong!

Meet the real enemy trying to destroy America from within:

Who is REALLY behind the Covid19 pandemic? Barack Obama and George Soros. And now Obama is trying to make a ludicrous association between the pandemic and CLIMATE CHANGE! THAT is something I have been waiting to see them try. Believe me, this has been their plan all along. Manufacture a crisis, then try to blame it on the Climate deniers. A transparent attempt to bludgeon truth-tellers and a courageous Donald Trump by falsely comparing the global pandemic(which Obama and Soros CREATED) with the imagined “Climate crisis”.

While people really are getting sick and dying, Obama is peddling the notion that unless we embrace electric cars and only bathing on the 30th of each month, and walking instead of flying, everyone and everything is gonna DIE!

Obama is a liar, a traitor and for the past three+ years, he has been trying to destroy President Trump using every sleazy Chicago-style political lie and trick in the book.

Make no mistake, Obama is the biggest enemy the American people have in the world right now. Even Guantanamo is too good for this bastard. It is time for Obama to move back to Kenya, or better yet send him to the Hague, along with the UN headquarters and the WHO. Kick all of the anti-Americans out.

It is time for Americans to stand united behind our PRESIDENT, and send all the haters packing.

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