Tuesday May 11th 2021: JJ McCartney reunites with old friend Adam Parker, great conversation without any limits!

Join JJ McCartney L:IVE from 3 to 5pm ET as we reconnect with our old friend Adam Parker. Adam and JJ worked together for a few years back in the 1980’s and then our paths diverged. But the friendship and the kinship remained.

Adam is a conservative Christian, who has made his living working in Hollywood. Tinseltown.

California is known for it’s fruits and nuts!!

Adam’s perspective on the pressing problems in California give him unique insights as to what the problems are and how liberals are completely clueless and powerless to solve them.

We’ll talk about America’s current state of affairs, and much more.

THIS is one show you do NOT want to miss!

Join us L:IVE at Red State Talk Radio and jjmccartney.com, and streaming live video at Vokalnow.com/show/caravan-to-midnight