Tuesday May 22nd 2018 JJ and Dr. Mark Davis cover the mentally diseased Lunatic Left

Tuesday’s edition of The JJ McCartney Show will feature our guest, Dr. Mark Davis, as we talk about all the latest news, the crazies on the left promising to impeach President Trump if they(the loser democrats) win majorities in both houses in November.

They fail to recognize this president’s numerous accomplishments, from the economy to North Korea, to unemployment being its lowest in 46 years, to pulling the U.S. out of the Iran Nuke deal, to America becoming energy independent, and so much more! The left is blinded by irrational hatred and a outrageous lust for power they would use to demolish our Consititution.

Plus, Rod Rosenstein asks Inspector General to review “Obama Spying” on Trump campaign.

A Kilauea update, a Fukushima update, and much more, plus your phone calls LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET on The JJ McCartney Show on jjmccartney.com and Red State Talk Radio!