Tuesday May 28th 2019 After the Storms: 52 Tornadoes, catastrophic damage in Ohio

Ohio Tornado Damage “catastrophic”

As far as we know, all our friends in Ohio. including some very close to Dayton, all escaped with no damage and everybody safe and sound.

Closer to home, our little burg was also stricken yesterday with what is suspected to be a tornado as well.

Monitoring the storm as we were, we observed a wicked hook echo which passed directly over the hearty of town. immediately pictures and stories of the damage done by 3 inches of rain in about 45 minutes, hail damage, flooding and downed trees, vehicles totaled by hail and flood damage, and stories of a harrowing experience on Interstate 80. One young mother with her babies in the car was returning to Ogallala and got stuck IN the weather on her way.

Photo by Mike Umscheid/5/27-2019

Her windshield was shattered by hail, and she had to press on to get to safety. all arrived safe, if not a bit shaken.

One state Trooper vehicle looked like it had been through at least baseball-sized hail.

At the hospital across the street, we had three ambulances waiting in line to get into the Emergency Room, we had flood damage at the fire department, while dozens of homeowners in the lower parts of town had water in basements, or worse.

At one point, for just s couple of seconds, we lost power.. But that’s nothing compared to the over 5 million without power in Ohio this morning.


Mysterious “objects” hovering in the skies above the east coast, described by Navy pilots as having no visible engines, no infrared exhaust plumes, but reaching 30,000 feet and hypersonic speeds. We’ll analyze the reports.

Justice Clarence Thomas, the senior member of the Supreme Court, speaks frankly on abortion in the 21st century, stating that abortion as eugenics is “not hypothetical”.

Plus SCOTUS decided not to take a case against a Pennsylvania school district that secretly implemented a program allowing boys into the girl’s shower rooms. Officials in the Boyertown Area School District allowed a boy who says he is a girl to use the showers and restrooms for girls based on his “gender identity”.

Lastly, the passing of one of the most notorious World Series “goats”. The 1986 World Series was won by the New York Mets after a monumental error in game six where a standard ground ball rolled past first-baseman(between his legs, actually) Bill Buckner which allowed the Mets to force a game 7, which the Mets won.

Bill Buckner died at 69 of Lewy Body Dementia.

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