Tuesday May 29th 2018: Dr. Mark Davis + News and a Kilauea update

Back to work, everybody! Yes, the long Holiday Weekend finds people talking by the water cooler about all the fun they had over the long weekend. Some recreated outdoors as much as the weather allowed.

Others were forced indoors by weather, and so many books got read, many videos got watched, and many tweets were tweeted.

We’ll talk about some of those tweets, some of those books, and some of those videos.

We’ll also catch up with Dr. Mark Davis, regarding a new health scare in India, the latest in the on-again-off-again-on-again talks between President Trump and Kim Jong Un scheduled for June 12th in Singapore.

And we’ll bring you the latest from the big island of Hawaii, where Mt. Kilauea is erupting with a massive volume of lava encroaching on more and more real estate, wiping out more homes in Leilani Estates, and in the Puna Geothermal Plant facility. A live video of the eruption can be found on YouTube, search Kilauea LIVE and watrch the feed from Honolulu Civil Beat(channel name).

Some amazing and breathtaking live footage as the rivers of lava flow rapidly, expanding on a seemingly hourly basis.

Plus the absolutely insane Muslim world takes umbrage with one Israeli’s picture of Jerusalem with no Al Aqsa Mosque or Dome of the Rock. And we’ll colver the latest breaking news too!

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