Tuesday May 7th 2019: A House divided- How to remove hatred and back-biting from Conservative Political speech.

Healing the RIFTS in Conservative circles: JJ calls for a spiritual renewal and healing among contentious conservative bloggers, podcasters and radio shows.

Join JJ McCartney LIVE for a true attempt to get people focused on our true enemies in the world, instead of bickering among God-fearing patriots.

The enemy of God’s children is hard at work sewing seeds of division and strife between us!!

Now is the time for Conservative Christian Patriots to come together in prayer, in faith, and in obedience to Jesus, who gave us a new commandment, that we LOVE EACH OTHER AS HE LOVES US!

Instead what we are hearing on some podcasts, live shows and such is vile, raw hatred where LOVE should be abounding!

And ladies, this means YOU too, and some of the language and hate speech is truly reminiscent of the movie Mean Girls, except that this is real life!

In the midst of all the ridiculous rhetoric coming from trhe left, the last thing any of us on the right needs to do is start sounding like and acting like the leftists who are attacking our president and our Constitution.

Join JJ for this vital message, and who is at the bottom of this horrific behavior from so-called Conservative Christians.

Plus we’ll survey the news of the day and bring you all the latest.

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