Tuesday May 8th 2018 In death, as in life, McCain the Drama Queen

The way a man faces death could well be the most revealing thing about his character, or his lack of character. John McCain is dying proof of this. Instead of grace, resolution and dignity, John McCain has chosen to die flying his middle finger at Donald Trump, his heart filled with hate, his words seething with contempt.

And so it is as the drama queen McCain is planning in intricate detail his own funeral, which will surely be a liberal love-fest on the mainstream media’s part.

John McCain will die as he lived: a self-aggrandizing drama queen whose ridiculous attempts to portray himself as a victim dates way back. There is no denying he was held as a prisoner of war, but never before have we seen someone exploit their POW status and tried to sell it to the American people as an indicator of greatness or character.

The true John McCain, POW, sang like a canary to his captors, gave up intelligence that led to American sailors and soldier being killed, and still the media swoons. John McCain’s military career was a shameful embarrassment not just to the United States, but to his opwn father and grandfather, both Admirals in the Navy.

McCain’s military legacy is one of an angry, egomaniac and a terrible pilot. Once McCain’s anger prompted him to do a wet-start of the jet engine on his fighter jet aboard the USS Forrestal. He had to wait in line to take off, and that was unacceptable to the hot-head McCain, so he did a wet-start on his jet engine, which is a way of firing the engine that produces fire, and very loud noise to those standing on the deck.

But something went wrong, and McCain, in his anger jumped out of his aircraft, and in so doing he “accidentally” caused one of his missiles to fall onto the flight deck and then all hell broke loose. the resulting chain of explosions and fire killed 134 men on the Forrestal, and what did McCain do? He scurried down to the pilot’s lounge and watched his fellow sailors battle the inferno.

Then he took leave with a reporter from one of the major left-wing newspapers in the country, and told the reporter that seeing the aftermath of what a bomb does to people, he expressed his misgivings about firing his weapons on innocent women and children. But apparently he is OK with what it does to his fellow sailors.

McCain’s father was the Admiral in charge of the pacific fleet during the Vietnam war. ANd what was McCain’s discipline for the Forrestal incident? There wasn’t any. Apparently his father kept his son in the clear.

But McCain would never excel in the military, and so he exploited his POW status and parlayed that into a political career.

And politically, McCain has been every bit as big a failure in congress and the senate. McCain has seized every opportunity to betray his party, his constituents and to stab his political rivals in the back, the front, or wherever he could make himself a media darling by bringing conservative causes to a halt on the hill.

McCain is not an innocent victim of President Trump, or George W. Bush. McCain made his self-serving self-aggrandizing bed, and he paid a price for his sliminess. And so it is no shock to see that as he faces a certain death, he exposes his hind parts once again. It is who this bitter, angry man is, to his very core.

What a sad waste of a life.

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