Tuesday November 9th 2021 America in Crisis: Is Depression coming?

Clueless Joe(Barack and his globalist puppetmasters) steering us over a cliff deliberately. There can be very little doubt at this point that the globalists have all the controls in their sleazy hands. To be clear, the American people didn’t elect this cabal. This is a coup of such grandiose scale that it had never before been attempted, until there was Google, Twitter, Facebook and the tentacles of the tech oligarchy to carry it out.

To those who consider this to be a conspiracy “theory”, tell me what it is that is theoretical about crippling the nation’s energy sector, while drastically increasing dependence on foreign oil, and at the same time trying to force everybody into the unconstitutional vax mandate even as the 5th Circuit court of appeals has declared the mandate must be halted due to numerous constitutional and legal flaws, and the White House directed their people to continue with the mandates.

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