Tuesday October 23rd 2018 Dr. Mark Davis. Plus Media parrots lies of the left. tries to portray “blue wave” as fait accompli, but not so fast, losers…

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: Dr. Mark Davis, plus a Fukushima update that will SHOCK you.

Plus: Mainstream media parroting Democrat talking points, suggesting a blue wave is a fair accompli. DO NOT BELIEVE THESE LIARS AND PROPAGANDUISTS!

We, the People will determine the outcome of this upcoming election, the same way we did in November 2018. When you see these kinds of headlinesm, use that as INCENTIVE to get your friends and neighbors to vote on November 6th. We will be victorious if we all stick together and do our jobs!

Plusd we’ll have a look at the latest news.

And then as we mentuioned, the latest on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disastyer which has grown far worse in terms of it’s impact on the world’s oceans,. Certainly contamination from Fukusghima is responsible for massive die-offs in the Pacific Ocean and beyond. Certain species of fish have all but been rendered almost extinct, and ocean mammals are also suffering greatly because of Fukushima.

And the disaster has been made worse by world leaders and organizations like the United Nations virtually ignoring the problem.

You want proof that the globaluists don’t care about the common man? we’ll show it to you.

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