Tuesday October 30th 2018: JJ McCartney delivers the REAL news, plus Major-General Paul Vallely LIVE

Today on The JJ McCartney Show: JJ welcomes back Major General Paul Vallely to discuss the awakening of Conservative wisdom in new generations, and we will discuss the strategy and troop deployment at the Southern border to fend off any caravan that attempts to force there way illegally across the border. General Vallely will join us in hour 2.

OK, folks, time for me to share some thoughts about the Drudge Report:

                                                                      or is it Sludge Report?

Why does Drudge continue to report on ABC prognosticator Nate Silver’s prediction of big democrat gains one week before the midterms?

Do not be dismayed by the ridiculous predictions of the leftist media pundits and pollsters predicting doom in the election next week. Especially the predictions of Nate Silver.

In 2016, Nate was predicting with 70% confidence that Hillary Clinton would win the presidency. He was so wrong that it is shocking that ABC still pays this man.

This election will not be powered by wishful-thinking on the part of far-left media operatives. It will be driven by the people who have seen America begin to prosper across all races, genders, and other demographics.

The far-left is consumed with irrational hatred of the President and conservatives everywhere, even as the economy booms, consumer confidence is high and the President’s approval rating is above 50%.

Knowing this, it is far more likely the Republicans are going to make gains a week from today.

                                               Look, mom, no credibility!!

And yes, I am one of those that predicted a Trump victory two years ago. Because of what I knew in my gut about the working-class in America’s heartland.

Will the media ever learn?

Drudge of late has become just another clearing-house of unreliable media sources and reports with no common sense applied. Parroting leftist media makes you no better than those sources, Matt Drudge.

It is time for Americans to be much more discriminating about which news sources they select. And Matt Drudge would do well to recognize that Americans are sick of the sensationalism and salacious headlines on his site that lead to click-bait and really bad reports which are buried in a sea of spam and popups does nothing but bolster my contention that Drudge has become sludge.

News and Comment: JJ McCartney Style.

Plus a lot of news stories today that caught our eyes here. Why far-left Jews are angry wiuth VP Mike Pence, and why did Barack Obama refer to the 11 slain Jews as “Americans”, and not as “Jews”?

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