Tuesday on The JJ McCartney Show: Trump Infrastructure plan, Vatican shocks rank and file Catholics

On today’s edition of The JJ McCartney Show:

A shocking statement from the Vatican which has Catholics shaking their heads and questioning what has happened to the church.

President Trump urges compromise in Middle East, admitting openly that it does not appear the Palestinians want peace at all. He also states he is not sure Israel wants peace either.

Michael Brown says protesters are aiming to silence his free speech not at UC Berkely or tanford, but in wholesome Appalachian State University in North Carolina. We’ll try to pin down the where and when, so conservatives can counter the leftist Soros-paid hacks and low-lifes.

Allen Dershowitz weighs in on who the biggest enemies of America are, and the list may surprise many!

Meanwhile, people are moving out of the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area at a rapid rte. We’ll explain why.

And the State of California is now suing to try to force a baker to bake gay wedding cakes. We’ll have the details, and a reminder of how dangerous the hard left is, in places you might not think of as liberal leftist strongholds.

Plus we’ll have breaking news as it happens, and we’ll take your calls too!

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