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Tuesday: Proof of Voter Fraud, Google spying? plus Pastor Carl Gallups!

JJ’s news and commentary, and Pastor/bestselling author Carl Gallups!

It’s Tuesday, and the most important question I ask myself on Tuesday morning (after I have taken physical inventory of myself. to make sure my eyes mare working, make sure I am breaking, and that indeed I am still all here…) is this:

After sleeping for hours, did anything significant happen while I was sleeping?

And sure enough, the world kept spinning while I was asleep. \

So today on the JJ McCartney Show:

  • Proof of voter fraud in California
  • Homegrown jihadists about to be unleashed by feds?
  • Robert Mueller’s dirty secret past
  • Loretta Lynch’s alter-ego to blame for Tarmac meeting?
  • Pat Buchanan speculates: What happens after the coup?
  • Plus YOUR phone calls

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