Tuesday September 24th 2019 – It’s getting to where thieves no longer trust their marks!!

JJ McCartney says: Those poor thieves!! and 9 things you need to know about liars/liberals.

JJ McCartney shares a tale of the hard life of a band of internet thieves who prey on honest people who are trying to do business on the Internet.

Al Gore, internet LIAR(He actually invented lying on the internet!)
Rod Rosenstein, professional douche, lied to Congress a LOT

How to spot the liars, how to identify them, and when to bring them to the attention of the authorities.

Plus JJ has GREAT news on the medical front today. Miraculous news. LIFE-changing news!!

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Anita Hill, LIED about Clarence Thomas
The Bernie Madoff Award-winning Liar of ALL liars Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama Bin Lyin’