Tuesday: The lefty’s latest cooked-up “issue”: Those poor illegals being separated from their kids… Bleeding heart media in concert with one another, and the kooky former first-ladies in lock-step obedience to Oprah.

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Today, the ridiculous, contrived, and fake news story painting President Trump as a heartless meanie who is out to separate illegal alien parents from their illegal alien kids.

So, the illegals are here illegally, so that makes them criminals on US soil. Last time I checked, we do not arrest criminals and then just put their kids into the jail cell with them. Common sense, people.

Yet there last night were all the colluding alphabet networks, along with cabe news channels painting this ridiculously well choreographed dance of bleeding heart liberals crying crocodile tears and acting as though this is somehow comparable to the holocaust, the cruelest fate that ever could befall any children ever in all of mankind’s history.

The deep state and the Oprah-controlled(CBS) news were aiming both barrels at  President Trump, while the President’s approval rating is at it’s highest point ever in his presidency.

The main-stream fake-news is losing audience faster than  Madonna lost her virginity.

Do not be discouraged or dissuaded by the attacks on the Pr3esident launched by the most radically leftist news media in history.

The media is acting like they won in 2016. Yet even now, their sway on the American people is dead.

So keep coming here every day, where we talk about what is TRUE. Its much easier to do, and it is the right thing to do.

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