Tuesday: What’s WRONG with the U.S. Navy? Ohio Judge guns down attacker, and How’s your back?

Brothers for Life! JJ McCartney visited with his brother, Tim over the weekend. The brothers hadn’t seen one another in several years, and enjoyed great conversation and reminisced about common experiences. Plus listen for some very interesting audio on Tuesday’s show!

Tuesday on The JJ McCartney Show, we’ll get more in-depth as the aftermath of the collision between a US Navy Guided-missile destroyer was broad-sided by a Liberian-flagged oil tanker over the weekend.

The US Navy has officially paused operations in the entire Pacific Fleet as they try to tighten up security measures and eliminate the types of failures in “situational awareness” on the part of the crews, officers and sailors responsible for monitoring radar, physically watching for threats in the water, and tightening up routines to prevent the types of collisions that occurred in June when the USS Fitzgerald was hit by the ACX Crystal, a cargo container ship flagged from the Philippines and the collision of the USS John S. McCain and the Liberian oil tanker Alnic.


The rare move was announced Monday as Navy officials scrambled to investigate the collision. Suspicions that the collision may have been aided by a Cyber-hack have led to deeper scrutinizing as the Navy’s state of readiness is called into question.

Also on Tuesday, JJ will have details about an Ohio judge who was shot by an assailant outside the courthouse in Steubensville, Ohio. The judge, who was carrying a concealed weapon returned fire, killing the assailant, before he was rushed to the hospital, where the judge is described as being in good condition, expected to make a full recovery.

Plus North Korea threatens Australia, saying Australian cooperation/support of U.S. President Donald Trump would be a “suicidal act”.

And we’ll cover all the latest breaking news, and reflect on history as we analyze the strife and conflict occurring more and more frequently all around the world, and what it means in the “grand scheme of things”.


And JJ will explain the theory that if your spouse displays this behavior, it can literally be a pain in your back!

And a long-lost recording resurfaces which ironically includes a reminder of how different the nation was just 35 years ago!

Plus JJ McCartney writing a book? Stay tuned for the exciting details!

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