Tuesday with Dr. Mark Davis and Deep Thoughts from the depths of my soul!

Today on the mega-popular Tuesday edition of The JJ McCartney Show, Dr. and author Dr. Mark Davis!

We’ll talk about the latest news regarding diseases and research, and what the researchers are looking for. Plus, how can young people learn from the old folks when it comes to avoiding the pitfalls that lead to the most common illnesses which we see on the rise among baby boomers?

And in hour 2 of today’s show, we’ll delve deep into the sou; of your host, as we share the urgency of exercising discernment in all that we do. It’s a really important lesson, along with a solid explanation as to why we approach new users with a healthy dose of cynicism, as the world(and the internet) are filled with bots, hackers, and sleazy people.

That is not judging, it is simple fact. Deceptions and distractions abound on the internet, and around 90 percent of what you see on the internet fit in those categories. We, of course, are among the 10 percent that comes bearing truth, honesty and the best of intentions.

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