Turning the corner: Spending ourselves for the cause of America

“When in the course of human events…” is a phrase we all should recognize.

Unfortunately today we cannot take for granted that the average voter recognizes the opening words of the Declaration of Independence. Education has eroded in America because the halls of higher education have been invaded by subversive foreign interests and domestic interlopers bent on toppling the cause of freedom in America.

As we have made our stand for over 7 years, fighting for the cause of Freedom, the Constitution, and the conservative application of our Bill of Rights, framed within our faith in God, we have seen many enemies target us.

But the largest enemies by far are the mega-large Internet-based social networks and Video streami9ng giants and search engine owners.

These people have deliberately conspired to restrict the free-speech rights of people with whom they disagree politically.

They have soiled the internet as a tool of free speech, and have maliciously designed algorithms and tools to silence free speech, undermine monetization, and restrict the ability of citizens to communicate via several different platforms.

I personally have had to battle these hostile bots constructed by these cyber-terrorists. My expenses and the amount of time and stress I have had to expend to do this battle has taken a toll on me and my family.

We need our listeners and friends to engage in this battle. If we fail, the consequence is unthinkable.

FAITH in GOD is the main ingredient in continuing this fight to guard TRUTH from the nonstop stream of LIES the globalist-controlled corporate media offers every day.

This fight is the very real manifestation on earth of the battle within the heavenly r4ealms between good and evil. We have dedicated massive amounts of our own resources to fight to guard truth, and to defend our Christian faith from enemies who seek to erode faith in America by attacking the fundamental underpinnings of our faith.

This fight includes the very personal battle to protect the unborn. It includes the battle to protect traditional Christian marriage. It includes the battle to protect history from the evil of revisionists who seek to define all things American as being rooted in evil.

Americans of all colors and creeds need to recognize the evil that these people are attempting to import into our classrooms, our churches, our courtrooms and our halls of government.

Meanwhile, the hateful dividers are trying to stigmatize patriotism itself, claiming it is somehow tainted by the false charge of racism. Imagine the following illustration as a perfect representation of the ludicrous arguments coming from the corporate media and the Democrat party:

Please consider donating to our cause as we fight the final two weeks of this political battle for the survival of our republic!