‘Twas the Friday before Christmas…Friday Extravaganza w/the Colonel and Trade Martin

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas next week, JJ, The Mysterious Colonel and Trade Martin pop a cork and talk about the Presidency, the diseased minds on the left, and how we continue to see President Donald Trump rise above it all!

Donald Trump’s experience as a businessman and deal-maker has proven to be extremely valuable in  empowering him to run the country like the supremely competent man that he is. Our economy is robust. Our national interests have come before ridiculous climate accords, and understanding the context of the times we are living in has allowed this president to process decisions deliberately, not bowing to polling data from the irrelevant media.

The results of three years of the Trump Presidency are easy to see: Growth, jobs, and opportunity abounds in this 21st-century renaissance, all thanks to the policies of Donald Trump.

And because the rule in elitist/deep-state Washington is “no good deed goes unpunished” the imprudent Democrats chose impeachment this week. Now in permanent protest-mode, the unhinged left-wing socialists are behaving like they have some kind of palsy which prevents them from acknowledging the solid record of accomplishment Trump has carved out where his predecessors said there was zero chance of success.

Optimism, confidence and resolve are necessary traits to have in a real leader, which is exactly what Trump is, and exactly what the nation needs.

So join us as we expose the Democrat Socialists for the criminals and traitors they are.

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