America: A people without a president, a land in crisis. A special edition of The JJ McCartney Show LIVE 3-5pm ET

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Effectively, America is without a leader at present. Everybody can see the cognitive decline of the puppet Joe Biden. But it gets worse. Kamala Harris is neither competent nor seemingly interested in the slightest in trying to address any of the major problems the American people are facing.

America: A people without a president, a land in CRISIS.

America is a nation without a leader, and a land that has been cast into a complete crisis, economically, morally, militarily, and legally. Truly Americans must now bear the burden in spite of the illegal, immoral and spiritual wickedness projected upon us all by the corrupt political system that accommodated the theft of our elections, and the evil people intent on destroying our freedom, our system of self-rule, and our ability to provide livelihoods for our families and our nation.

The time to act has come and very few have answered that call. The time is now for defiance, for a reasoned, constitutional response to the dereliction that has defined the entirety of the Federal government in the past year.

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