URGENT: A call to action for Judeo-Christian Patriots. America’s enemies plan a fatal blow to the heart of America in November

Three days after Google/Youtube, Facebook and Apple banned Alex Jones and Infowars from using theoir platforms, the main-stream media has moved on to other topics, in hopes that the busy working-class voting population may have forgotten about their actions.

In fact, they are banking on America’s short attention span to spin the narrative just in time for this coming weekend’s planned false-flag event in Washington.

The false flag I am referring to is the phony “Unite the Right” rally. This event is being staged by leftists, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and dozens of other radical leftist Soros/Obama-funded groups to portray the Right as slobbering white supremacistrs and rednecks.

Don’t forget, just one year ago they did the same thing with tragic results in Charlotesville. The entire show for the cameras was a production planned to play out in front of the compliant media’s cameras and microphones.

Today, with the help of WND.com’s news story in which Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza exposes the organizers of the event for the fascist leftists they are, we will demonstrate for you how these people are planning on burning America’s civil society to the ground.

If enough of us will share this information with the world, we can stop these people, expose these people, and depose these people as enemies of the state.

Can America, the Land of the Free survive the onslaught from her enemies?

God willing, yes we can. But now is the time for all true patriots to get organized, get active, and for want of a more tasteful term, get pissed!

Our nation isn’t lost yet. But people need to awaken from the illusion that America is going to keep going while our enemies are camped in our midst!

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