Urgent call to action! Welcome to 2018: The year the rubber hits the road

If the show must go on, it’s going to be because of YOU.

It’s 2018/ A new year. A blank slate.

However the markets fluctuate, however the economy grows or shrinks, the same chalenges and problems we faced in 2017 are still sitting there. The numbers on a calendar do not change the realities)much).

As the same old fake news blares out of your TV, the same 20Trillion debt still looms. The record cold-snap is still biting into your utility budget.

And for we here at The JJ McCartney Show, we have been impacted by this economy in a very real way to lead off 2018.

As we maneuvered the last couple days of 2017, our friends at a certain worldwide banking entity took a large bite out of our bank account, through a bizarre set of circumstances. And so when the phone rang this morning, and our local banking guy advised me that our house payment was going up by $110 a month because of higher property taxes and insurance, It made it even clearer that we have to change things up.

Times are tough on everybody. But with one lone, angelic exception, we have seeen very little help coming from our listeners. And that is not to whine or induce feelings of guilt or shame. It is simply a fact. The revenue streams are all dried up.

So if you cannot help us with donations, then at the very least, can you do business with our advertisers? Granted, we don’t have many sponsors. But if you  are in need of something they have to sell, please consider how you can meet your needs while also helping us close the widening gap in our operation?

Word of mouth, social media, and any other kind of way you can help us reach more people, it makes it much better for everybody when the burden is shared.

And if any of you have deeper pockets than we do, please consider helping us keep the lights on(literally).

We are in dire need of help today. We are selling pieces of the old studio and we are rethinking everything we own right now to try to make ends meet, and keep wolves at bay.

If we do not have help, and soon, then we will have no choice but to stop doing the show. This is not intended to sound like a threat. It is simply the reality we face today.

If you get anything out of this show, then please help us as much as you can.

The stress is mounting on me physically. I am dealing with too much stress right now. My health issues are serious.

And now that we are past the holidays, we must see if we can get back to normal. Or at least a reasonable facsimile of normal.

If you can help us, please click that “donate” button and do what you can.

Welcome to 2018 brothers and sisters.