Valentine’s Day: Middle East tensions, Inflation fears keep Wall Street jittery, and IQ Al Rassooli

Consumer Price index rises 0.5% in January, which begs this question of the snowflakes and bleeding heart lib-tards: You wanted to hike the minimum wage to $15. Did you THINK prices WOULDN’T GO UP, nimrod????

Meanwhile, the GOP is gaining ground in a new nationwide generic congressional poll, which shows that people now favor GOP candidates. The Trump approival rate continues it’s upward trend as well. Proving once again that it’s the economy, stupid!

Meanwhile tensions are high in the Middle East. IQ Al Rassooli weighs in on what Israel and the U..S. should be doing in the region.

nd French president Macron has threatened to “bomb Syria” if it is proven that Syrian forces used chemical weapons in skirmishes within Syria.

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