Veteran’s Day LIVE: Monday November 11th 2019 : Salute to Veterans

Join JJ McCartney LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET as we pay tribute to our veterans. Each and every day we take this freedom for granted. But we know that this liberty we enjoy was paid for in blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice.

To each and every veteran who served with honor we say thank-you. And for those who came before, we remember you with fondness and admiration.

On this Veteran’s Day, we call to mind the many who remain from our most remembered battles, from Pearl Harbor to Midway, from the D-Day invasion to Desert Storm, from the rice paddies of Vietnam to the barracks in Beirut.

We salute those brave men and women who stand atop that wall in Guantanamo, those who stood watch in West Berlin, and those who stand watch on battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers and frigates.

Those who serve as Seabees, Green Berets, Navy Seals and the pilots, engineers, maintenance crews, medical personnel, food workers, all of you have served the cause of freedom and deserve much better than you have received from the V.A.

And to those of you who were used as guinea pigs in your service, we salute your service and your love for country.

JJ McCartney is LIVE from 3 to 5pm ET weekdays at and Red State Talk Radio