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Biden picks Jezebel Harris as Veep…

Joe Biden’s miserable attempt at a candidacy for President just got even more bizarre, as he selected the adulteress Kamala Harris to be at his side for the butt-kicking in November, proving that Biden could not get any dumber if he were trying on purpose!

While the globalist-controlled corporate media will try to hide it from everybody, the truth of this woman’s moral character will be front and center.

And the logic here makes no sense at all. Harris is a liberal California democrat. California, last time we checked was not considered a swing-state.

It’s not like it will get more blue than it already is. But there are many rust-belt states that have to be wondering why Biden would pander to California while ignoring them.

And of course, this really isn’t about the number two dangling behind Biden.

This is about Biden himself…the dingle-berry the Dem,s selected to challenge Trump offers nothing new…only a return to the miserable failed Obama years, where America lost milli0ns of jobs, and frittered about countless money and resources to kneel and bopw before China and coddled terrorist state sponsor Iran.

Election day is 82 days away. Trump is leading. Biden can’t lead, because he is mentally and physically unable. bottom line:  TRUMP2020 MAGA!!