Wednesday August 15th 2018 Fake-News media Collusion: “Main-stream” newspaper editors collaborating on anti-trump, pro-Obama editorials. What more proof do you need? Democrats losing their grip on reality as Trump approval soars.

Hello news fans. I used to be able to say that with a straight face. But the FAKE news media is making it harder and harder to be a fan of news entities controlled by globalists, corrupt corporations, and political party collusion with the media who lie, fabricate, and propagandize.

Just two days ago, this headline broke via

More than 100 US newspapers plan editorials decrying Trump media attacks

Boston Globe rallies outlets across the country for 16 August action, saying president’s ‘dirty war on free press must end’

While some will accuse us of claiming Trump walks on water, the truth is much simpler. Trump is working hard to keep his promises. He promised voters an America First agenda, and he has delivered in impressive fashion where the economy is concerned,’

He promised to drain the Swamp in D.C., and that has send the media rats scurrying and panicking as the President demonstrates the traits of a sound, reasonable and resolute leader.

The American people are beginning to prosper. And they are starting to see the light. The left, especially the leftist media, are lying, conniving and there is nothing they won’t do to try to paint the President in the worst light possible.

But here comes the honest and clear-headed alternate media to neuter the fake-news behemoths like NBC/MSNBC, CNN, ABC/Disney/ESPN, CBS, PBS and many more of the corrupt and agenda-driven sycophants posing as writer/reporters!

We’ll give them zero aid and comfort, and come out blasting them for every one of their crimes against Truth, Justice and the American Way!

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