Wednesday December 11th 2019: Terror in Jersey City: Guest IQ Al Rassooli

The news media tries to bury the facts in the Jersey City shootout: It was a coordinated terror attack!

Facts are such pesky things! The shooters in Jersey City were radical Jew-hating terrorists. They believed they would enjoy the benefit of a soft target in the Kosher food store, but instead they met with some very heroic police and civilians who fought back!

The news media immediately tried to paint this as a non-terrorist event, dismissing the fact that the Kosher store was owned and operated by Jews, and their patrons were largely Jewish as well.

Names of the now dead shooters were not immediately released, but it is safe to assume they weren’t Goldbergs or Rosensterns.

Then there is the continuing bogus impeachment driven by the radicalized leftists in the Democrat party. Some very interesting soundbites to share today from two-faced liars like Pelosi and Nadler.

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