Wednesday December 27th 2017 IQ Al Rassooli LIVE 3-5pm ET

IQ Al Rassooli: Year-end “GREAT AGAIN” edition LIVE

Join JJ McCartney with IQ Al Rassooli as we take stock of everything President Donald Trump has accomplished in his first year as the President.

Headlines this hour from St. Petersburg, Russia. We’ll have the details as they come in.

Plus a burnt bagel at the St. Louis airport is blamed for an airport evacuation.(let’s try to keep things real, people!)

And Mastercard reports that this was the biuggest Christmas shopping season in history. Now, we have to keep things in perspective, but hasn’t there been enough information to declare President Trump’s economic plan is restoring everybody’s confidence in the economy?

And Israel announces it will name the Western Wall Train Station after President Donald Trump.

Plus we’ll take youc calls LIVE.

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